by Rivers

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Brother take a look around
Look what has become of this world
We’ve turned our home into a powder keg and lit the fuse on fire
The ball’s already rolling, so we decided that ignorance is bliss
How dare we impose rules on nature?
How could we believe that our planet would play along?

Wind water fire earth now unite to fight
The plague upon this world

Can’t you hear the sound of protest in the storms?
Can’t you feel the air tying a rope around your neck?
Can’t you smell the waters dying?
Can’t you feel our soils quaking below?
About to spit back in your face

We think we are taking steps forward
But we are really only digging our own graves
Greed for profit will be the downfall of man

We declared war on mother Earth
She was never meant to be our enemy
Yet we bite the hand that feeds us
Now she will defeat us

But it’s us who depend on her
Now we die amidst decay
When will we understand?
We all die, die in the decay we’ve created


released December 26, 2016
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Aaron Dylan Dusch and Nick Singleton of Another Diamond Recordings in August 2015.
All songs written and composed by Rivers.



all rights reserved


Rivers Günzburg, Germany

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